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Women Lead: Overcoming Barriers to Gender Equity in the Workplace
Women in the workplace face many obstacles — from the "sticky floor" of low-paying jobs with little room for advancement, to the "broken rung" that slows their progress up the career ladder, to the "glass ceiling" that makes it harder for women to reach the top jobs.
Companies are investing in recruiting women, but even as the numbers of women coming in the door are rising, barriers remain.
Join us for this webinar in recognition of International Women’s Day. The 2020 theme is "An equal world is an enabled world."
We’ve invited panelists to discuss efforts of millennials and Generation Z to create change within the workplace and enable women to succeed. Together, we will explore research on the factors that impede women's leadership trajectories, and look at how some companies are creating a roadmap to encourage women’s advancement.
Join us for this dynamic and important conversation.


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